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Welcome to Chang Feng Instrument Accessories (Hong Kong) Ltd

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Established as recently as 1999, Chang Feng Instrumentation Accessories was borne out of a vision and a commitment to design, develop and manufacture the comprehensive range of low-cost, high quality accessories for Electrical & Electronic test and measuring instruments in the market-place.

The company has been working with the world major instrumentation companies for the last few years. In fact, it is this ability to gather the long-term experience of Chang Feng and quality thinking of the worldwide known organizations in developing and manufacturing professional accessories for the test and measuring instruments.

Wide product ranges, such as 4mm safety plugs and sockets, connectors, test probes  & prods, BNC connectors, Crocodile clips etc,  cover the universal applications for instrumentation,   part of which have passed UL approval.  Chang Feng has never hesitated in investing in testing equipment to ensure the products meet with international safety standards, such as bending machine, High Voltage & High Current testers, continuity testers, mechanical tension machine etc.